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Web (UI) Design Internship

Part-Time/ 3 Month Role

We’re looking for a talented designer to work on a variety of projects, and in a variety of mediums.

You’re going to be a good fit if you are keen to get involved in different projects and learn in a variety of circumstances, from website graphics (still and animation) through to mobile app UI design – and more.

Job Description

As an intern, your primary goal is to learn and be exposed to a variety of different things. We want to help you get some valuable experience so that you gain a better perspective on your career options, when that time comes.

Graphic design is applicable in many parts of our business (that’s why this job post is so open-ended). That will hopefully allow you to be involved in a few different projects, dealing with different types of people and different parts of the business, and finding what you want to work on.


  • Web App UI Design

  • Web App UX (High and low fidelity) Design

  • Mobile UI Design

  • General Design Components (across four different brands)

  • UI Animation Design (Explainers)

  • Website Animation Design

  • Social Media Graphics

Note: You don’t have to have all of these skills coming into the internship, the idea is that you are exposed to all of these in your time with us, and spend majority of your time working on what you are good at, and enjoy.

Who will you work with?


You’ll be very involved in the output of the marketing department, across all the Finch Technologies companies.


You’ll deal directly with product designers, technical account managers and front-end developers.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

These will need to be demonstrated in an interview and technical assessment process.


  • A great attitude.
  • An openness to learning.
  • A certain level of autonomy. We value the ability to work and learn independently.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Design experience (in any graphic medium).
  • A computer.


  • Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, and/or other graphic design program experience
  • UX or UI design experience
  • Animation/video design experience
  • Figma and/or Miro Experience

How Long Is It?

The period of the internship is a maximum of 3 months.

We are open to a time frame shorter than that (with a minimum of 4 weeks).

After the Internship

After 3 months of work, you may be offered a full-time position within Finch Technologies, should you want it.

The conditions of the position would be made available to you before the end of your internship, and you are not obliged to accept the position.

We do not guarantee an offer of a position at the end of the Internship period. The likelihood of receiving an offer will be mostly dependent on:

– Your level of skill,
– The value you’ve created and demonstrated during your internship period,
– How well you fit into the team.


This is a paid internship.

Your salary will be dependent on your strength and experience level in the various areas you’ll be working in.

We will make your salary package available to you during the application process.

How Does the Application Process Work?

There is a process, it is quite simple. It might change.

Step 1: You apply for the job, with this link.

Step 2: We’ll review your application, and respond within 2 days.

Step 3: If there’s a potential fit, we’ll have a quick intro chat via Microsoft Teams, and make sure that expectations are aligned, and you’re also still keen on working with us.

Step 4: An internal discussion on our side. We won’t leave you hanging, we move fast and will have feedback for you ASAP.

Step 5: Potentially another discussion (preferably in person) with a different member, or two, of the team.

Step 6: Internship Offer (contingent on the above steps).

Step 7: Welcome to the team!

Not for you? How about something else?

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Culture and not the type that comes in your kombucha.

Working with balance

We work hard, but value life outside the office too. Get  your work done, have a good time while doing. Balance is key

Working Hours and Place

There are no ‘fixed’ work hours, but a certain level of output is expected. We believe in being in the office for collaborative work, but  team members can hunker down at home or a coffee shop for focus.

Boundless Growth

We believe in facilitating internal growth before looking to hire externally. If we’re doing this correctly, you should be interviewing for your junior within a year or two.

Working Together

As a small team, you often have a finger in a few different pies. That means everyone is aware what everyone else is working on. We have weekly team catch-up’s which keep everyone in the loop

Our Vibe

We’re chilled out people. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. On a typical day, there’s music going in the office and we sit around a coffee table that has some surf mags on it and eat lunch.

Getting it done

We pride ourselves on using resources efficiently. As a part of a multi-disciplinary team, you will likely be put out of your comfort zone from time to time. You will be given the opportunity to push yourself and to do more.




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