Lead origination at a lower cost.


Our comparison platforms are at your service, driven by our engine that uses a completely unique algorithm. Our platforms are contracted with over 75 financial service partners looking for traffic and offer the perfect marketplaces for consumers in South Africa.

Our leading marketplaces in South Africa include:

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Gathr Logo
Gathr Logo


Full digital onboarding for any lead.


Over 40% of applicants do not get the product they want and need because of a frustrating onboarding process. Together with our partners, we have built a slick digital onboarding product called Gathr.

Key features of Gathr:

Identity Verification

Identity verification and home affairs check.

Transaction Verification

Banking transaction verification through Online Access, PDF Access and Photo.

Proof of Address

Proof of address through document reading and verification


The fintech solution for improved financial lives.

Using our consumer-initiated data acquisition tool, an employer or financial service provider can give their staff or clients the tools they need to improve their financial wellbeing. Anonymised data is provided to the business client for analysis and reporting.



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