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Finch Technologies is looking to hire a developing Senior Engineer to join the technical team. The senior engineer will be taking on a hands-on approach to building and manage the core finch technologies stack.

Job Description

We’re looking for a Senior Engineer! As a Senior Engineer, you will be responsible for working on one of the core elements of our business: all things technology. 

 The Responsibilities

  • Dev ops – managing and refining the deployment pipeline, with QA and uptime being front of mind.
  • Technology security – Finch Technologies works with sensitive data and large corporates, as such we take security seriously. Alongside the Information Officer, you are responsible for keeping the technology and processes secure.
  • Technology planning and research – You’ll need to keep up to date with best practices, as well as thinking about innovative ways to build new processes. You will often be called upon to advise on the best way to tackle difficult problems, based on your experience as an engineer.
  • Strategy – Senior engineers will work closely with the senior management team to work on business and technical strategy.


  • Must have at least 2 years experience in a senior development role
  • Must be proficient in PHP (Laravel), AWS, Node. Python would be advantageous.
  • Must have a Level 3 AWS cloud certification
  • Must be able to manage time well and take ownership of issues
  • Experience in fintech is advantageous
  • Experience in API re-engineering is advantageous
  • Experience using and deploying scrapers is advantageous
  • Must be able to self manage 
  • Must be a proactive individual

Why are we hiring a Senior Engineer?

Finch Tech started off as Fincheck. We were just a marketplace a few years ago. After we noticed the massive funnel drop-off that happened at the point of document collection, we went down the path of developing Gathr. This opened up a ton of opportunities for us, and all of a sardine, we were a technology provider. Our strategy shifted away from running marketplaces (we’d acquired FundingHub by then) and Finch Technologies was born. Up until now, we have had an individual in a management position who is a ‘technical product owner’. He has guided technology goals and managed the technical team, alongside a senior developer who has provided technical oversight. We have done a great job at building out the technology stack with limited resources. We’re now at the point in our company growth where we need someone to own the technology side of our business as their own – and that’s why we’re here

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Culture and not the type that comes in your kombucha.

Working with balance

We work hard, but value life outside the office too. Get  your work done, have a good time while doing. Balance is key

Working Hours and Place

There are no ‘fixed’ work hours, but a certain level of output is expected. We believe in being in the office for collaborative work, but  team members can hunker down at home or a coffee shop for focus.

Boundless Growth

We believe in facilitating internal growth before looking to hire externally. If we’re doing this correctly, you should be interviewing for your junior within a year or two.

Working Together

As a small team, you often have a finger in a few different pies. That means everyone is aware what everyone else is working on. We have weekly team catch-up’s which keep everyone in the loop

Our Vibe

We’re chilled out people. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. On a typical day, there’s music going in the office and we sit around a coffee table that has some surf mags on it and eat lunch.

Getting it done

We pride ourselves on using resources efficiently. As a part of a multi-disciplinary team you will likely be put out of your comfort zone from time to time. You will be given the opportunity to push yourself and to do more.


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