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With the move to a digital-first world, most companies are stuck trying to bridge inefficiencies between themselves and their customers. We close the gap with scalable, flexible, and modular technology that enables every company to offer fintech products in a digital ecosystem, ultimately creating a healthy and financially inclusive population.

Finch Technologies endeavours to build better Financial Technologies ecosystems across Africa. Technology has the ability to transform the way business is done for the benefit of the end-user. We want to make a difference by building products to benefit the entire ecosystem.


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The Meet Up

In 2003 Mike and Chris met one another for the first time. Way back then, neither of them would have thought that 12 years later they would be founding a business together. 



Two friends founded the business with the mission to help South Africans make better financial decisions. Fincheck, South Africa’s first independent financial services marketplace was founded.


Moved out from under the stairs

In 2018, we took the big leap and moved the office out from underneath Mike’s stairs and into an official office in Gardens. A big leap for us, but much less awkward for the team.


Bulking Up

Through a management buyout, Finch Technologies took control of FundingHub, the biggest business finance marketplace in South Africa.



Frustrated with the drop off rates in the application process. We decided to build our own digital onboarding solution that can be used by our partners for a slick tech process.



Since 2017, BetterScore had been germinating as myFincheck, a unique scoring tool part of the Fincheck marketplace. Nearing the end of product development, Finch Technologies is proud to release this product to the market very soon.

Simanye Roboji

Credit Analyst

Ean Barnard

Head of Brand & Communications

Taryn Augoustatos

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Bowren


Chris Ball


Stephan Schoeman

Senior Software Engineer

Keanu Arendze

Senior Software Engineer

Alexandra Johnson

Business Analyst

Caleb Swanepoel

Growth Manager

Nico Hanmer

Testing Engineer

Jamie Doman

Technical Account Manager

Kirsten Hancock

Head of Operations

Ashleigh-Jane Butterworth

Content Marketing Specialist

Dominic Arendse

Chief Technology Officer



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